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Nutrition consultation

Our nutrition consultants are versed in how the building blocks of different foods affect the physiology and wellbeing of an individual.  They help guide you not only into better eating habits and food intake for optimal health, but also consider individual distinctions that can alter the way one person’s body will process food differently than that of another.  We help to develop eating plans that promote healthy metabolism, good immune response, and a healthy body weight.  

Nutrition Services

                                                                                                                     Specialized Nutrition Topics                      

                                                                 Food Allergies  *  Teen Nutrition  *  Weight Loss  *  Food Psychology  *  Nutrigenomics

  • Initial Consultation $100

    We will go over family history, lifestyle and access daily food intake. We will also go over nutritional goals and concerns as well as set up a plan to accomplish these goals.

  • Follow up Consultations $75
  • Package (3 Consultations) $210
  • Package (5 Consultations) $325


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